Sunday, January 23

And a new one for the kids??

Well, that loaf didn't turn out that great. It didn't raise as much as the other loaves have, I even measured it. Only 3 1/2" at it's fullest. Now, of course, I'll have to measure a fully risen loaf to compare. But I think they have been around 5".
And the crust is, well, very crusty, not just from the crust, but it seems like not all the mix got mixed again. Hmmmm. Now I'm thinking it wasn't just the fact that I put extra water in on that first loaf.
Taste is fine. But kinda yeasty. Does that make sence? But not bad enough not to eat it! Bread is bread after all.
Now I'm thinking I might have to make another loaf to have hot and fresh when the kids get home. Maybe I'll try a recipe this time.....

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Anonymous said...

I though I would let you know that I am finding your blog interesting. We just got our bread maker and our on the quest to find the best bread! We have only tried Krusteaz so far as its all that is offered here.