Tuesday, January 4

Baby Bottle

Still reading through instructions, wanting to learn as much as I can. A couple interesting things, there are two specific things that don't work well with yeast, and therefore can't be used in the yeast bread. They are garlic and cinnamon. Good thing they told me, because I'm a garlic fiend.
The other thing I was interested in learning was 'room temperature'. What temp is that exactly, and how long do I need to let the water sit to become that temperature. The instructions says 80 degrees, or 'baby bottle temperature'. That's a good way to find the right temp, of course, not scientific.
I'll pull out my handy dandy thermometer/timer (you know what
Alton Brown says, all kitchen tools need to do more than one thing--except the fire extinguisher) and checked the temp of the water. I was right about water from the tap before it gets hot or cold being close to room temp, and I let it set a little bit and it stayed around 75-80. I think I will experiment with hot and cold water to see how long it takes to get to room temp.


just sayin' said...

When you first turn your water on after it hasn't been used for six hours, be sure to let it run for at least 30 seconds to ensure all impurities have run out of your pipes.

shells said...

Thanks for the info, and thanks for stopping by.
Your blog is cool, too.