Monday, January 3

Mixes and Recipes

So a lot of why I started this blog was to track the different mixes and recipes I try.
The first two were Krusteaz brand, the only kind of bread maker mix available at the small store in the small town. I think the price for each was about $1.79, pretty sure they were each under two dollars. The two I bought were two out of three flavors that they had, so not much variety.
I've always like the Krusteaz brand, my mother swore by it for years for pancake mix. And that was when it was hard to find for some reason. We'd have to look for it when we were on vacation, and buy enough to last until the next vacation.
I want to keep track a bit of the prices, as our friend Xan says it's cheaper and easier to make them from scratch. Cheaper, I'm sure, most of the fast mixes, box dinners and junk would be cheaper if we made them from scratch. Easier, we'll see. Single working mom, sometimes I go for quicker even if it's a bit pricer. But a lot of the recipes in the book seem super simple. I bought bread flour specifically, and yeast made to work in a bread maker. And I bought a couple more mixes. I was surprised to see that the Krusteaz boxes were over $2 here at big store in big town, maybe even $2.49, hmm, maybe I remembered the price wrong from small store. They did have more choices, both within the Krusteaz brand, and a couple other brands. This time I decided to try Hodgson Mills. And realizing I wanted to keep track of which brands I liked, and which flavors, I decided to start this blog.

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