Tuesday, July 26

The best hamburgers ever

I usually don't 'cook' much on Monday nights. It's just me and the kids, so we usually just do frozen pizza or burritos, or we do the value menu at some fast food (usually Wendy's). But for some reason, I got a wild hair to make some burgers last night. Maybe it was the pending storm.
So my junior chef mentioned a cheeseburger with the cheese on the inside, and that idea grew. First, I doctored up the meat, with some garlic, mustard, bread-crumbs out of a stuffing mix, and an egg. I separated the meat into balls for the burgers, and got the cheese ready, by putting bacon bits between two pieces of cheese. I flattened the meatwads, one at a time, into little meat pancakes. Then I put the cheese/bacon on top of the pancake, and wrapped the meat over the top. The goal was to have the cheese/bacon completely inside the meat, but there were a few cracks, and it still worked fine. I did have to fold over the corners of the cheese to get them to fit.
Then I just fried them up like normal, and they were gooooooood!
P.S. the kids just like the plastic-wrapped american cheese on a burger, but mine was totally better, I used swiss! Hmm, maybe next time, I'll put mushrooms inside, too!

Sunday, July 24


Been a long time, admittedly, since posting.
Rest assured, it has not been as long since I made bread for my family! I haven't tried any new mixes or recipes lately, though.
I've decided to add all cooking/eating experiences to this blog, and it will be easier to keep updated that way, also. Stay tuned for good recipes, restaurant critiques, food related stuff found on the web, and more!