Saturday, April 26

How do I love Easy Cheese Danish? Let me count the ways...

Let's show some Easy Cheese Danish love!

First, I love it regular, just like the recipe. 
(Recipe in previous post and here)

I've made it both ways, the full of the recipe, and the 1/2 as it suggests in the notes, and we like it better with just 1/2 the filling.

Next, I love it with raspberry preserves.

Make the filling just the same, put down the bottom layer of crescent rolls the same as the original recipe. Then smear preserves all over the bottom layer. I'm a raspberry gal, but I'm sure strawberry or even peach would work great also.
Pour the filling over the preserves, add the top layer, and the rest is the same. 

Awesomely super tart!

Next, I love it with mini chocolate chips!

I mixed 1 cup of semi-sweet mini chocolate chips right into the batter (again, the 1/2 batter recipe). 
It baked up so nice and chocolatey. 

The next step would be to make it raspberry AND chocolate! Some time, I'm going to try using both of these variations in the same batch! I think that would be killer awesome.

We also loved it in a key lime kind of way, but somehow, I don't have any photos of that experiment. And since I usually keep track of my experimental recipes with my photos, I don't remember exactly how I made it. Here's what I remember: Lime juice instead of milk in the glaze, some lime juice in the batter (how much? guessing a couple TBS), and fresh lime zest on top. I put the zest on before baking, it would have been better to bake it sans zest, and put the zest on at the end, for looks and baking the zest too long, it got crunchy. But the key lime easy cheese danish was still great.

Couple hints/ideas:
Any time you are making glaze or something like this, instead of getting out your whisk, just use a small container with a lid. Shake, shake, shake! No extra utensil required.
You can, of course, buy the crescent roll sheets, that would be perfect for this. I usually buy the generic kind, which don't (yet) come in a sheet, so I unroll the sheet on waxed paper to flatten it out, and connect all the seams. I do this even on the bottom layer, then flop it into the pan.
I'm thinking about making a savory version of this, and using my favorite crescent rolls, the garlic butter ones! What would I put in it instead of sugar I wonder...

Thanks again to The Adventures of Kitchen Girl for this awesome recipe! Enjoy!!