Saturday, January 8

Saturday Loaf

Saturday's loaf turned out just great. I don't know if it's the brand, or just my experience. I'll have to try the first brand again. Letting the loaf rest for the recommended 2-30 minutes, really makes it easier to cut.
This time, there was crusty places on two of the corners, but not a big deal, I just picked off the crusty parts.


Tom said...

So how did Saturday's loaf turn out?

Tom said...

Greetings! It is now 16 days after you mentioned making your bread loaf on Sat. and I commented on how it was....and no response. Will you keep this BLOG up and running? or is it a dead blog?

shells said...

Hey Tom, Thanks for commenting. I had answered you, in my own way, when I edited the origional post. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
That loaf turned out great, thanks for asking. I'm not convinced about the Krusteaz brand sourdough though.
Have a Technicolor Day!