Wednesday, January 5

Snow Day Loaf

Snow day today was a perfect time to try another loaf. I needed to first clear off the space on the counter for the bread maker to 'live' so it wasn't just sitting in a cupboard where it could get forgotten. So now the bread maker lives next to the coffee maker, hope they don't get too chummy, breaded coffee doesn't sound too great. ;p
So today's loaf was:

I just had gotten my 1 cup almost perfectly room temperature, when I double checked the directions. They wanted 1 cup PLUS 1 TBSP of 'warm' water. What the heck is warm??? Be scientific, please. I put in the 1 cup of room temperature water, and heated the tap water up to hot, to add, thinking that would make a total of 'warm' it seems to have worked just fine.
The other change with this mix, was to add 2 TBSP Butter chopped up or oil. I chose butter, rather the can't believe version of butter that I use.
It was cool to have the bread machine on the counter where I could actually peek in the top window and see how well it was going.
And I remembered to cool the loaf before cutting. It was wonderful!

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