Saturday, August 27


With the BFF's birthday coming up, and being kid-less this weekend, I figured we'd try something new on the PoGo card. I thought maybe we'd try the cajun place, but he wanted to try the chicken place. (His birthday, his choice--we'll try the cajun place in December)
Sadie's is a bar and restaurant connected to the Villager motel out on "O" street about 52nd, by the Barnes and Noble.
Walking in, it looks like a bar with the restaurant added as an afterthought, but that is definitely NOT the case. The food was awesome and the wait-staff was attentive, even though they were training new staff that night.
They specialize in chicken dinners. And by dinner, I MEAN dinner. You get sides that come to the table family style, so everyone gets to sample everything. They have several chicken dinners, all breast, all leg, (hmm, that sounded like a guy menu), one of each, however you like your meal. I saw something a little different on the menu, and just had to try it: Pistachio Chicken. It was a chicken breast with pistachios in the coating mixture. It was wonderful.
The meal was a bit slow getting to us, according to our wait staff, we really didn't notice, but they were very apologetic, and offered us free dessert. Even though we were using the PoGo card, so only paying for one meal. We did ask if we brought the whole gang some other time, could we use the PoGo card more than once, and they didn't have a problem with that. So we'll definitely do that.
This was one time that we actually brought home leftovers, and they pretty much fed us a whole second meal. That's pretty rare for our large appetites!


Mr. Wilson said...

Sadie's, eh? I've never been there, nor can I recall ever talking to anybody who has been there. That makes you the first! Based on your review, though, I may just have to give it a whirl.

By the way, I will be looking for some folks to help me write restaurant reviews in the near future. If you're up for something like that, drop me a line at mrwilson&lincolnite,com (replace & with @ and , with .)

Angela said...

Wow, I also had not heard of Sadie's but it does sound good. I may have to try it too! I wonder how long it's been there.

What cajun place is it? Buzzard Billy's or the other one? Buzzard Billy's is great, yum!