Wednesday, September 14

Supper Thyme Review Part 3

Meal #5: Sesame Ginger Chicken
We ate this one without the kids, but it could have fed us all. The flavor was a little odd, not bad, but just like 'what ingredients did we put in this?' strange. We got rice to go with it, and some frozen veggies. The rice, we had one of our pseudo-fights in the store, and I insisted on the one bag of rice, because it had chinese writing on it, so it must be good for chinese food. What a dork I am. It was sushi rice. It's STILL sitting in the fridge waiting to be thrown out!

Meal #6: Stromboli
This one was awesome, and we knew when making it, we'd all love it, and we'd have to make it again. Bread dough flattened, hamburger and pepperoni and cheese put in. Roll around the dough, connecting the edges, it's hard to get the edges to stick together. The guy (owner) at Supper Thyme showed us a 'trick', of putting a squirt of oil over the stuffed loaf, and sprinkling some Italian seasoning over the top. That makes a nice shiny top of the bread. It was very yummy. This is also very easy to make at home, though you'd have to thaw out the frozen bread dough sufficiently before you roll it out.

Meal #7: Grilled Ham
Making this one was super easy. There was just a few ingredients to mix together, and pour into a giant zippy bag where the ham was. It was tasty eating, but I found it rather salty.

Meal #8: Layered Burrito Bake
This one is one of the bigger meals to make. We mixed burrito-ish ingredients in a bowl (refried beans, meat, onions, sauce) and layered this meat mixture with tortillas and cheese. At home, we like the black beans better, so we would have used black refried beans, but this was still very good. Another rather simple one that would be easy to make ahead of time.

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