Saturday, August 20

Supper Thyme Review Part 2

In our last episode, the BFF and I had gone to Supper Thyme and made 12 meals...
We've eaten a few meals so far, and at work I got a visitor from the cinnamon roll fairy!

Meal #1: Sweet BBQ Meatball Sandwich
This was the sample meal they made the night we were cooking, so BFF and I had already tasted it. We both really liked it, but I thought it was too sweet. Same thing when we actually ate it. The kids picked that one as the first meal we'd try together. They loved it, too, but I still think it's too sweet! When we made the recipe, it was like a cup of ketchup and a cup of brown sugar, with other spices. That might not be exact, but it was a lot of sugar. Next time we make this, I will only put about half the sugar, and maybe compensate with some extra spices.
What this is, by the way, is meatballs in sauce, with cheese, wrapped in a bread dough crust. It was hard to get the edges to connect, so it was a bit sloppy. I'm glad they had us put it in a pan rather than the other similar sandwich meal that we just wrapped in foil. I think we just had salad with this when we ate it.

Meal #2: Guadalajara Grilled Shrimp
When we made this one at the Supper Thyme kitchen, BFF and I knew this would never feed all of us. So we cooked this while we were kid-less last weekend. Five skewers of six shrimp each, and we all love shrimp. The sauce was very good, lemon juice, and some pepper. This was meant to be grilled, but we don't have a good grill, so we did it in the skillet. We made some oriental noodles to go with it, and it made a great meal for the two of us.

Meal #3: Cowpokes
This was my favorite from just the description
"Cowpokes - Tender chicken breasts stuffed with a blend of pepper jack and cream cheese and wrapped with bacon. The added kick from the pepper jack will really spice up your dinner table! - 9 x 13 Baking Pan"
It did not disappoint! All meals were advertised as feeding 4-6, and this meal and the other meal that has individual servings, each had 5. Also, when we were making the meals, there were stickers to put on each meal, with baking instructions. This one said to mix ranch dressing and salsa for a sauce for the cowpokes, which BFF did. To go with it, he made cornbread stuffing with corn added. It was a good side dish. Probably my favorite overall. Also, good recipe to try at home or modify. Maybe at home, I'd just put the chicken breasts in the pan, put the cheese mixture over top, and then sprinkle with bacon bits.

Meal #4: Baked Spaghetti
We just ate this one last night. It was very tasty. In the cooking process, we mixed the plain, cooked noodles with garlic, parmesan cheese, and an egg, and put that into the pan first. We mixed the sauce and meat, and put that over the noodles, and topped with cheese. The layering made it a bit like a lasagna, and everyone loved it.

Extra Special Treat:
When we went to Supper Thyme, they had us write down our names and where we worked, so they could bring cinnamon rolls to our work. It's pure advertisement for them, pure cinnamony goodness for me and my workmates!
They brought 2 dozen great (although, unfortunately, a tiny bit doughy) rolls, and everyone at work got to hear how much fun it was from me. It's not for everyone, of course, after hearing how it works, one guy said "that's the absolute dumbest thing I've ever heard of." But one couple was excited to try it, and another woman signed up that very day.

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