Friday, August 12

Food Day

Most folks have pot lucks or food days as a semi-regular part of their lives. I've always enjoyed regular food days at the places I've worked, it has always given me an opportunity to try new recipes, and show off some of my favorites.
Since I've only been at the new job for a couple months, I've only experienced two food days so far, and I just bought stuff so far. So this time, I'm actually going to bring something homemade.
I was thinking about the crowd-pleasing corn salad that my mom makes. Corn, cheese, BBQ Fritos, mayo. But at this job, food day is a rather grazing kind of thing, people eating on stuff all day. Well, I am NOT making something with mayo and have it sit around all day! Also, with this recipe, you mix in the Fritos at the last minute, which is good and crunchy, but we always try to make the batch of salad small enough to not have leftovers, because the Fritos are soggy by the next day, also not good to leave out all day. So I've modified the recipe. Here it is:

Food Day Friendly
Corn Salad
2 cans white corn
2 cans yellow corn
1 can rotel-type tomatoes (with chilies)
1 small can chilies
1 can black olives
2 cups shredded 'mexican' or 'taco' cheese

drain all cans (cut olives into fourths, if you can't get pre-cut) mix with cheese. refrigerate overnight.
*my tip on draining the cans:
dump the corns into a strainer, then you can dump the tomatoes and chilies on top of the corns, that way, the little pieces of chili won't go through the holes in the strainer.

P.S. the modified recipe is sans crunch, because I didn't want soggy Fritos. I had considered putting in a bag of Corn Nuts, but I talked myself out of it. Do you think that might have worked?

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