Sunday, February 27

Same song, second verst

The Honey Wheat loaf was soooo good, and using a recipe was fairly painless, and we gobbled up the first loaf yesterday, so I made another just the same today. But we went to a buffet to eat, so I sent the loaf home with the boyfriend.
The one thing that's not easy about making the bread from a recipe, is the yeast. I bought the little packets of yeast, figuring that one packet equals one loaf. So I was surprised that I had to measure the yeast, one packet equals about 1 3/4 loaves. That's not great, because how do you keep the little packet closed up and keep the yeast fresh? Making two loaves in two days, it's not an issue really today, but what about the other loaves?
I guess next time I'm lookin gto buy yeast, I'll look into the little jar. If I 'm going to have to measure it, I might as well get that. And it proably ends up being less expensive.


Menagerie said...

If you keep the jar in the fridge, it remains viable a long time, too.


RockinRecipes said...

Hi! Got to your blog via blog explosion. Very cool. Have a great day! :)

nigelinspain said...

Wow what a great blog. Keep it up we need more of this sort.