Friday, January 2

X-Mas Dinner

I wanted to share my menu for Christmas dinner this year, no recipes, but just a foodie story.
I've wanted to try tur-duc-hen ever since the first time I heard about it on the Food Network. It's a chicken stuffed inside a duck, stuffed inside a turkey, with stuffing inside the chicken to boot! I was surprised a few years ago when I saw some for sale in the local grocery stores, but more surprised by the price: $60.00! Well, I guess that's probably a good price for what you're getting. But I'd always wanted to get one, even waiting for the after-holiday sales, but the price never went below $50. Then, this year, I found a tur-duc-hen roll, with just the breasts of each bird, and stuffing inside, with a much nicer price of $20.
Not enough to feed the whole family, and a couple of us are heading back to vegetarianism, so I picked up a Tofurkey to go with it.
Still not enough food, and it is possible for someone to be picky against both of the other 'meat' options, so I picked up a cheap ham to go with.
It's so fun to say the menu: Tofurky, Tur-duc-hen, and Ham!
And they all could just go in the oven nice and neat (after I did a little math to figure out when to start everything!), so not too much work, either. Mom brought an awesome potato casserole, since I didn't want to try to undertake smashed potatoes and gravy and everything this year, we had a time line for being finished eating, as the BFF had to leave for work at 2:15.
The one slightly time consuming part was fresh asparagus, but I love it so much, and it's really so quick, that I was willing to do that much work! ;p

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