Saturday, August 23

Cooking with iTouch

I like finding recipes on All, I love that you can save your recipes on their site. I know there are other recipe sites that also have recipe box or books, I use a couple others, but I like All Recipes best. I get their e-mail weekly, so I am always checking out new recipes from them.
I've been trying to simplify my big cooking on the weekends, so I have more time with all my guys, so I've been loving using a crock pot meal for one of my weekend suppers. I can get it all in the crock pot maybe even before others are awake, and then not have much more work to do on that meal.
And a bit more background, since I don't update this blog very often: we just got a new iMac this week!!! And if that's not enough, got an iTouch with it because it had a special deal.
So I found a great sounding crock pot recipe (Easy Cheesy Chicken 1*)this week, saved it in my All Recipes recipe box, and this morning, began to get it ready. But The BFF was already up, and on our new computer, so I went to his old computer to see about printing the recipe. And what is sitting on his desk but his iTouch, which he is generously sharing with me, as much as you can share a portable computer thing like that. But I got excited when I realized what I could do with the iTouch, I could look up the recipe on All Recipes, and take the portable thing with me to the kitchen, and not even have to waste paper for printing! He bought a little stand for it, so I could even make it stand up on the counter. I was tickled beyond belief, and he kept asking me why I was giggling!
Too much fun!!!

*in full disclosure on the recipe, I used turkey breast instead of chicken, and it was completely delicious!

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