Friday, December 31

Instructions and First Loaf

Ready for hot, fresh bread.
I read the instructions enough to see what kind of box mix to get. I've never used a bread machine before, so I'm completely clueless at this point. Looks like this one is a 1.5 pound loaf version. And it's best to only use 1.5 lb mixes. It won't really work well with 1 lb mix. Don't know why, maybe we'll have to experiment later.
I also was trying to read the instructions of how to plain and simple use the machine, and what, if anything, needed to be done before using, like washing. Good thing I almost dropped the instruction manual and the warrenty card fell out, because some replacement instructions were stuck in there. The new instructions were to run the bread machine first with nothing in it to burn off the factory oils.
So I did. And those factory oils stunk. Glad that stink didn't get on my bread!
I let the machine cool off a little while, like 20-30 minutes, and I made the first loaf.

It didn't turn out too great, for one or two reasons, it didn't raise up very far, and the corners had dry mix that hadn't gotten mixed in. I read through the FAQ, and found a couple possible reasons. It said that too much water might make the dough not rise enough which I thought was not possible, but discovered that boyfriend's measuring cup that doesn't have any markings left on it, is a 1 1/2 cup not a 1 cup like I thought. So there was too much water, but I don't understand how the mix didn't get all mixed in if there was TOO much water. The other thing I did wasI kinda spread around the dry ingredients, thinking it needed to be flat and even. I think that may have been why there was dry mix left in the corners.
In defence of the mix, it was very, very good tasting, despite not being very tall.

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